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The St. Nicholas School of the Arts, affiliated with the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Ukrainian village, opened its doors in 2003. The idea for the school was to instill in young children a passion for the arts through the instruction of various music and art classes. These include: piano, guitar, violin, Ukrainian flute, saxophone, bandura and various ensemble groups, among others. Our school has recently begun offering classes in beadwork and the creation of woven Ukrainian dolls. Additionally, critical to the School of Arts is the art of Ukrainian dance. We offer ballet classes for various ages that contribute to the later learning of Ukrainian dance and its various forms. For adults, we also offer classes in Argentinian tango.

At the core of what we aim to do is preserve the Ukrainian culture and identity that was brought over to the United States by our ancestors. Whether it be through painting, music or dance, each form of arm brings with it a unique element of identity. Despite the focus on Ukrainian culture, we pride ourselves on being open to participants of every ethnicity and background.

Our young and older students take part in various recitals, small concerts and community events, where their talents can be shown to the entire Ukrainian diaspora in Chicago. Twice a year, their talents are showcased in front of parents and friends in our bi-annual concerts. The most successful of our students have the opportunity to take part in state-wide and national competitions, including the prestigious Geneva International Music Competition.

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